To maximise ease-of-use for the end user in order to drive sales for the business. 

A summary of the changes made, and the reasons for same, is provided further down the page.

The updated website can be viewed at

> The company logo was added to the header (top left-hand-side of all pages). 

> Individual website pages created for ease of navigation around the site, and to showcase the different branches of the business - we were able to move some of the information from the landing page on to the corresponding pages (Commercial, Hire, Residential), to free up the landing page of some information, resulting in it looking less "busy". 

> Landing page altered to specify the individual branches of the business, with clickable buttons to easily direct you to the corresponding page on the website. 

> Business biography added: 'About' page, along with a summary of how the different types of trees are made (this information was previously available on the landing page). Emily had the brilliant idea of explaining the different roles of the business, which gives the end user some "behind the scenes" insight in to business operations, and became quite a humorous component of the bio. 

> Updated both the Contact Form, and the contact details in the footer, so that the e-mail and phone number are now clickable, making it easier for the end user to contact the business. 

> Each branch of the business showcases a rolling gallery of the trees relating to that specific branch of the business, as well as a summary of how the trees are made for that specific branch. 

> We removed the Terms & Conditions page as a clickable page in the menu, which could appear a bit aggressive to the end user, and added a clickable button for 'Terms & Conditions' under the Commercial Trees page, which the user can access if they want to.


> As well as, we added a clickable button on the Commercial Trees page, to allow the user to 'contact the business for a quote'. 

> We added a 'Book Now' function to the Hire Trees page, to enable the end user to control booking of their preferred tree and event date directly through the site, rather than having to phone or e-mail the business.